From Tootsie :

" In playing Michael's agent, Stan Fields, Steve Brustien proves to have a genius for deadpan reactions . "

" Steve Brustien brings a trifle more warmth to the role of Stan the agent, than did Sydney Pollack in the film, but has the same weary, seen-it-all, skeptical demeanor. "

" Steve Brustien, as the ball-busting, fury-driven and mouthy agent ( Stan Fields ) brings vivacious life to his character.   Brustien's mannerisms and overall delivery of the gritty agent are divine. "

" Steve Brustien as Michael's agent, gives a great comic turn. "

” There are great scenes with Michael’s agent, Stan ( Steve Brustien ).   One of the funniest moments of unspoken words occurs when Stan finds out Michael is Dorothy. “

” Steve Brustien shines as the long-suffering agent. “

From The Producers :

" Steve got every possible laugh while playing Franz "

From Don’t Drink The Water :

"First, let me say that Steve's comic acting is spot on. He's up there with the best, when it comes to that specially, measured delivery, endemic to comic success. He is a natural, when it comes to comedy."

From The Drowsey Chaperone :

Steve Brustien was sooo funny and sooo good. His accent alone was a riot. Bru's comic timing is unparalleled. He has such theatrical instincts, like he was born to use them. Aldolpho enthralled the audience. Wow, what a showcase of talent. Steve really shines, and one can easily see that he's in his element.